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Replacement of Existing Metal Roof Option

If you remove your existing metal roof panels and basically start over, there are many options that can be added to the roof performance. First of all many buildings have little or no roof insulation and or it is old, dirty with the white facing torn. Replacing the insulation and increasing the R-value is a great option that is available with a roof replacement. Other options may include upgrading the roof type to a more commercial type such as standing seam or high Rib R panels, adding thermal blocks, gutters, closures and fasteners to help insure tight seals and a leak proof performance. Steel Roof Panels Customer service can help price the options you choose.

Benefits For Roof Replacement

• Lower material costs
• Added insulation opportunities
• Allows for roof upgrade
• Opportunity to sell or market old roof materials
• No additional weight added to building roof design

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