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Anyone who has had their roof replaced has made a couple of key choices.  Who will I use?  How much will it cost? What color of shingles should I choose?  Other than that, sometimes there’s not a whole lot more effort put into the thought process. Next, after a couple of days of banging and clanging and writing a huge check, presto! You now have a new roof.

Let us ask ourselves a couple of more objective questions?  Should I install a metal roof instead of the traditional shingled roof?  Would a metal roof be environmentally sound?  Could it improve my energy efficiency?  What’s the difference in cost of a metal vs. traditional roof?  Is there different colors and styles? Would this make my house more appealing? What other benefits would a metal roof provide?  Actually, you’d be amazed if you did a little more research before you decide to re-shingle your existing roof.

In 2009 the federal government began offering the Energy Star Federal Tax Credit, a tax credit worth up to five-hundred dollars to all homeowners who decides to make the switch to the more energy efficient style of roof.  This was a one-two punch at fixing a failing power grid and strengthening the weak housing market all at the same time.  You see, a metal roof actually adds overall value to the price of your home.  Insurance companies and homeowners alike would be quick to tell you about all the costs associated with leaking roofs that causes Billions of dollars in damage every year to unsuspecting homeowners and shops. Once again, the metal roof is the answer to this problem.

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Many government buildings, commercial factories and franchises choose and actually prefer metal roofing for its economic benefits. Research has shown that a metal roof reflects up to approximately 70% of sunlight.  This translates to less energy being used to cool the building and more money in consumers’ pockets. Typical roofs can easily become costly nightmares which require a re-shingle every ten years or so; whereas a metal roof often lasts in excess of 50 years.

Furthermore, a shingled roof can lose its curb appeal quickly as shingles are easily broken off and damaged by animals and nature’s fury. This can become costly each time you have to have it re-shingled and if you decide to sell your home. On the other hand, a metal roof requires little to no maintenance and continuously looks great. Metal roof panels also help to protect your home from unwanted pests. Unlike a shingled roof which provides a home for earwigs and other crawly critters, the metal roof is virtually an impossible setting for these pests to take residence.  A metal roof also provides a smooth surface which allows snow and water to easily slide off. This reduces the amount of build-up and weight on your rooftop and discourages mold or fungus growth. A Traditional roof has many small dark crevices under shingles in which water gathers and provides a breeding ground for mold and fungus. Opposed to adding shingles to a landfill somewhere, a metal roof is 100% recyclable and can be installed directly over your existing roof since it is light in weight.

A metal roof is affordable and definitely cost effective.  It requires little to no maintenance and can provide a tax credit.  It is an investment into the value of your home as well as the belongings contained inside your home. It keeps waste out of landfills and dollars in your pocket. It is a renewable source of roofing and provides for better shelter against the elements when compared to a traditional roof. It comes in many colors and designs opposed to the same old boring squared shingles. A metal roof is a responsible choice for every homeowner and business looking to save money while investing in the environment.

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