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Sound proofing wall panels and acoustic wall panels have a large number of uses from recording studios and concert halls to home theaters and classrooms. Acoustical paneling can boost the quality of sound and sound absorbing paneling can keep the noise in the room.  These soundproofing panels are available in a large number of colors, and designs so that it can match your decor.  Noise reducing panels make any loud busy area more tolerable and peaceful.

Acoustical wall panels are used in applications requiring sound reduction

We provide a variety of acoustical panel systems including foam acoustic panels, fiberglass acoustical panels, sound absorbing panels, and more.  Acoustical wall panels used in churches allow for the sermons to be clearly heard all throughout the church.  Acoustic panels can also be used in home theaters and media rooms to ensure that every sound you hear reaches its full potential and gives you the ultimate movie going experience, and noise proofing panels will keep the sounds from bothering and/or waking your family and neighbors.

Soundproofing panels and acoustical panels are also great for use in schools for band rooms and auditoriums keeping sounds inside the rooms to prevent disruption of other classes and to boost the sound quality in the auditorium, band room, etc.  Soundproofing panels are also great for recording studios because they help to keep the sound clean and free of excessive re-verbs allowing for a smoother recording.

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Acoustical wall panels are used in applications requiring sound reduction.
Acoustic Panels are an excellent solution for:

  • Offices where departments are on the phone and there is a lot of noise
  • Manufacturing or Industrial Buildings
  • Machine Shops
  • School Buildings
  • Church Buildings
  • Recording Studios
  • or any building where noise reduction would improve everyday operations.

Acoustic panels are easy to install, they provide excellent insulation r-value and reduce the costs of labor for installation compared to multiple layer insulation systems. The interior sound absorbing side is flat, smooth and perforated. The exterior profile varies based upon the application of the acoustical panel.

These soundproofing wall panels combine thermal performance of insulated sandwich panels with proven soundwall technology. They have been tested for sound transmission loss and sound absorption.

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