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With your livestock and livlihood at risk, you want to ensure that only top quality metal siding building materials and barn roofing materials are being used in the construction of your barn or feed storage building. Metal Barn roofing and barn siding is more durable and lasts much longer than shingles and other roofing materials.  Agricultural metal roofing and barn siding does not crack, shrink, or erode, and can last up to 20 years without being replaced.

Metals roofs and metal siding are able to withstand harsh winds and rain, allows for snow to slide off easier decreasing the extra weight added from snow accumulation.  Also roofing metal and steel siding is not easily damaged by hail while shingles and other roofing materials would need to be replaced after a large storm or high winds.  The metals used are of the highest quality and are also treated so that they are protected from rust and corrosion.  Steel barn roofing and steel barn siding are ideal for use in barns, carports, livestock housing, hay storage and feed storage bins, equipment bays, etc.

Metal Roofing Supplier High Quality Metal Roofing Panels

There are a large variety of metal siding  and barn roofing panels, from corrugated metal siding, sheet metal siding, seamless steel siding, insulated steel panels, pole barn siding, exposed fastener panels and concealed fastener panels, stone coated steel panels which will not even look like metal and is available in a variety of colors.  The metal roofing supplies used are chosen by you to meet your needs and to provide the look and design that you envisioned.  Metal roofing and barn siding will also reflect the sun’s rays and can decrease cooling costs.  Installation of metal roofing panels and siding may also qualify you for tax credits and insurance breaks.  Also according to IRS Section 179 purchases up to $560,00 are eligible for a $139,000 deduction and a bonus 50% depreciation  for any amount exceeding $139,000.  There are also tax breaks that can be gained from being more energy efficient.

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