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Keep your employees and important business equipment protected by installing Fire Walls and Fire Rated partitions. Fire walls can be added to any new or existing structure and are ideal for partition walls, demising walls, separation of businesses, or any building at risk of fire.

Fire Resistant Panels are ideal for partition walls, demising walls, separation of business or for any building that is at risk of fire. All of our Fire Retardant Paneling is factory embossed with a steel finish.  Fire Rated Wall Panels which contain a core consisting of a unique continuous mineral wool are able to withstand constant flames for up to 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours depending on the thickness of the Fire Rated Wall.

Fire Retardant Wall Panels

The 4 inch thick fire resistant wall panels provide a one hour fire rating, the 6 inch thick fire resistant wall panels provide a two hour fire rating, and the 8 inch thick fire resistant wall panels provide a three hour fire rating.  The core of the Fire Resistant Wall Panels is also non-toxic, and do not produce gas or smoke in a fire.

The Fire Rated Wall Panels are also easily washable. Unlike block walls Heat Resistant Wall Panels are light weight and do not require any extra supporting foundation, which makes Fire Retardant panels ideal for use in steel buildings, modules and trailers over block walls.

Fire Proofing Structural Steel not only increases the building’s fire rating, but the Fire Resistant Insulation Panels also increase the energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs.  Construction time is also significantly reduced with Fire Resistant Paneling because it can be supplied at any length limited to shipping.

Tax Deductions

According to IRS Section 179 purchases up to $560,000 are eligible for a $139,000 deduction and a bonus of 50% depreciation for any amount exceeding $139,000 or the full amount if the purchase exceeds $560,000 allowing for the purchase to be written off much sooner allowing for a greater return on investment ROI.  The installation of fire resistant wall panels may also allow for a reduction in insurance payments due to their quality manufacturing. In the case of a fire the Fire Rated Wall Panels will not be tarnished by the fire as long as they are extinguished within the alotted time stated on the hour rating of the panels.  The Fire Resistant Wall Panels also help to prevent fire from spreading to to other parts of your building.

High Performace 3 Hour Fire Rated Panels
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