Keep your employees and important business equipment protected by installing Fire Walls and Fire Rated partitions. Fire walls can be added to any new or existing structure and are ideal for partition walls, demising walls, separation of businesses, or any building at risk of fire.

Fire Resistant Panels are ideal for partition walls, demising walls, separation of business or for any building that is at risk of fire. All of our Fire Retardant Paneling is factory embossed with a steel finish.  Fire Rated Wall Panels which contain a core consisting of a unique continuous mineral wool are able to withstand constant flames for up to 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours depending on the thickness of the Fire Rated Wall.

Fire Retardant Wall Panels

The 4 inch thick fire resistant wall panels provide a one hour fire rating, the 6 inch thick fire resistant wall panels provide a two hour fire rating, and the 8 inch thick fire resistant wall panels provide a three hour fire rating.  The core of the Fire Resistant Wall Panels is also non-toxic, and do not produce gas or smoke in a fire.

The Fire Rated Wall Panels are also easily washable. Unlike block walls Heat Resistant Wall Panels are light weight and do not require any extra supporting foundation, which makes Fire Retardant panels ideal for use in steel buildings, modules and trailers over block walls.

Fire Proofing Structural Steel not only increases the building’s fire rating, but the Fire Resistant Insulation Panels also increase the energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs.  Construction time is also significantly reduced with Fire Resistant Paneling because it can be supplied at any length limited to shipping.

Tax Deductions

According to IRS Section 179 purchases up to $560,000 are eligible for a $139,000 deduction and a bonus of 50% depreciation for any amount exceeding $139,000 or the full amount if the purchase exceeds $560,000 allowing for the purchase to be written off much sooner allowing for a greater return on investment ROI.  The installation of fire resistant wall panels may also allow for a reduction in insurance payments due to their quality manufacturing. In the case of a fire the Fire Rated Wall Panels will not be tarnished by the fire as long as they are extinguished within the alotted time stated on the hour rating of the panels.  The Fire Resistant Wall Panels also help to prevent fire from spreading to to other parts of your building.

High Performace 3 Hour Fire Rated Panels
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Anyone who has had their roof replaced has made a couple of key choices.  Who will I use?  How much will it cost? What color of shingles should I choose?  Other than that, sometimes there’s not a whole lot more effort put into the thought process. Next, after a couple of days of banging and clanging and writing a huge check, presto! You now have a new roof.

Let us ask ourselves a couple of more objective questions?  Should I install a metal roof instead of the traditional shingled roof?  Would a metal roof be environmentally sound?  Could it improve my energy efficiency?  What’s the difference in cost of a metal vs. traditional roof?  Is there different colors and styles? Would this make my house more appealing? What other benefits would a metal roof provide?  Actually, you’d be amazed if you did a little more research before you decide to re-shingle your existing roof.

In 2009 the federal government began offering the Energy Star Federal Tax Credit, a tax credit worth up to five-hundred dollars to all homeowners who decides to make the switch to the more energy efficient style of roof.  This was a one-two punch at fixing a failing power grid and strengthening the weak housing market all at the same time.  You see, a metal roof actually adds overall value to the price of your home.  Insurance companies and homeowners alike would be quick to tell you about all the costs associated with leaking roofs that causes Billions of dollars in damage every year to unsuspecting homeowners and shops. Once again, the metal roof is the answer to this problem.

Steelroofpanels.com helps homeowners, architects and contractors  nationwide with versatile, economical, high strength and functional metal roof  solutions for almost any application.

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  • Long Lasting Color Coatings
  • Weather Resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • (40) Local shipping points with Route Trucks
  • Leed Color Options
  • Pre-cut Panel Lengths
  • Striking Panel Profile Choices
  • Quick Availability
  • State of The Art Fasteners Options

Many government buildings, commercial factories and franchises choose and actually prefer metal roofing for its economic benefits. Research has shown that a metal roof reflects up to approximately 70% of sunlight.  This translates to less energy being used to cool the building and more money in consumers’ pockets. Typical roofs can easily become costly nightmares which require a re-shingle every ten years or so; whereas a metal roof often lasts in excess of 50 years.

Furthermore, a shingled roof can lose its curb appeal quickly as shingles are easily broken off and damaged by animals and nature’s fury. This can become costly each time you have to have it re-shingled and if you decide to sell your home. On the other hand, a metal roof requires little to no maintenance and continuously looks great. Metal roof panels also help to protect your home from unwanted pests. Unlike a shingled roof which provides a home for earwigs and other crawly critters, the metal roof is virtually an impossible setting for these pests to take residence.  A metal roof also provides a smooth surface which allows snow and water to easily slide off. This reduces the amount of build-up and weight on your rooftop and discourages mold or fungus growth. A Traditional roof has many small dark crevices under shingles in which water gathers and provides a breeding ground for mold and fungus. Opposed to adding shingles to a landfill somewhere, a metal roof is 100% recyclable and can be installed directly over your existing roof since it is light in weight.

A metal roof is affordable and definitely cost effective.  It requires little to no maintenance and can provide a tax credit.  It is an investment into the value of your home as well as the belongings contained inside your home. It keeps waste out of landfills and dollars in your pocket. It is a renewable source of roofing and provides for better shelter against the elements when compared to a traditional roof. It comes in many colors and designs opposed to the same old boring squared shingles. A metal roof is a responsible choice for every homeowner and business looking to save money while investing in the environment.

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Replacement of Existing Metal Roof Option

If you remove your existing metal roof panels and basically start over, there are many options that can be added to the roof performance. First of all many buildings have little or no roof insulation and or it is old, dirty with the white facing torn. Replacing the insulation and increasing the R-value is a great option that is available with a roof replacement. Other options may include upgrading the roof type to a more commercial type such as standing seam or high Rib R panels, adding thermal blocks, gutters, closures and fasteners to help insure tight seals and a leak proof performance. Steel Roof Panels Customer service can help price the options you choose.

Benefits For Roof Replacement

• Lower material costs
• Added insulation opportunities
• Allows for roof upgrade
• Opportunity to sell or market old roof materials
• No additional weight added to building roof design

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Low Prices on Metal Siding, Sheeting, Roof Panels and Wall Panels

We are a National Supplier of Quality Steel Roof Panels including Corrugated Roof Panels and Standing Seam Roof Panel Systems.

Long Lasting Color Coatings
Weather Resistant
Maintenance Free
Leed Color Options
Pre-cut Panel Lengths
Striking Panel Profile Choices
Quick Availability
State of The Art Fasteners Options
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We are a National Supplier of Quality Steel Roof Panels including Corrugated Roof Panels and Standing Seam Roof Panel Systems.

Long Lasting Color Coatings
Weather Resistant
Maintenance Free
Leed Color Options
Pre-cut Panel Lengths
Striking Panel Profile Choices
Quick Availability
State of The Art Fasteners Options
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Foam Insulated Metal Panels improve your building’s energy efficiency by properly insulating your building with a continuous vapor seal. Foam Insulated Wall Panels and Roof Panels provide superior air-tight insulation performance due to the nature of their fabrication and installation. Insulated Metal Panels produce the most efficient thermal envelope by reducing thermal bridging which is typical of other cavity wall systems. Installing foam insulated panels can result in energy cost savings of as much as 30% over traditional multi-part insulation systems. Effectively installed high r-value insulation systems also reduce operational costs for energy and maintenance.

Made from high quality materials, Foam Insulated Panels establish an extraordinarily tight vapor seal, this is the key to reducing thermal energy loss and controlling moisture levels inside your building. Insulated metal panels can be easily adapted for almost any metal building design or metal roofing option. Foam Insulated Panels durable seal and metal outer shell prevents insects and pests from intruding or burrowing in to the building, avoiding any potential insect problems.

Insulated Metal Panels offer an attractive finished look to commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, garages, storage buildings, metal barns and industrial warehouses. Insulated Metal Panels are available in multiple profiles, finishes and color options. State-of-the Art Fastener Options make the metal panel system installation process quick and easy offering shorter construction time. Efficient, economical solutions for both vertical and horizontal wall applications.

Eco-friendly Metal Panels help reduce waste too! Insulated Metal Panels last as long as the service life of a typical commercial building. They are made from a high content of recycled materials and are recyclable themselves, offering multiple end of life options to the consumer.

*Our Insulated metal panels have been extensively tested for compliance with various industry standards and building safety codes.

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Metal Roofing Materials are becoming the Standard for Commercial and Industrial Roofing.

Strong, reliable low rib metal roofing panels are the perfect solution for post frame barns and steel buildings. They are highly affordable and come in many color options. The solid durable design proves to be more efficient and reduces energy costs throughout the building’s life cycle. Contractors have recently begun using steel roof panels in residential roofing projects as well.

Benefits of Steel Roofing Panels:

  • Highly Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Several Color Options (Long Lasting Color)
  • Energy Efficient

Metal roofing’s weather resistance and durability can almost eliminate the need to use future raw materials to produce roofing. Most metal roofs have recycled content ranging from 25% to 95%. Conventional roofing shingles have much shorter lives and use oil-based products as their primary raw material. Metal also has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable if it is ever removed in the future.

Steel Roof Panel Options

Low Rib Steel Roofing Panels

Corrugated steel panels or commercial accent metal panels are perfect for your metal barn or steel agricultural building. The Low Rib Panel type is available in 26 & 29 gauge steel and provides a long lasting economical metal roofing or siding product. To learn more about corrugated steel roof panel systems please visit our website at: http://steelbuildinginsulation.com/corrugatedroofpanels.html

PBR Steel Panel Systems

The Steel PBR Panel provides maximum durability, and is deal for maximum spanning capabilities. The weather-tight side lap allows for applications on roof pitches as low as a 1:12. The Steel PBR Panel design can be applied for both roofing and siding applications. This panel is excellent for exterior use, including industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. Steel PBR Panels can also be used as an interior liner panel. To learn more about roof panel systems please visit our website at: http://steelroofpanels.com/

Standing Seam Steel Panel Systems

The standing seam roof panel option consists of a durable concealed fastener roof system with easy snap together installation. This architectural panel system uses minimal visible fasteners, giving your building a clean, attractive finish. The steel roofing panel’s easy snap-on ribs attach rapidly with no hand seaming, so installation is less expensive than traditional standing seam. To learn more about standing seam roof panels please visit our website at: http://steelbuildinginsulation.com/standingseamroofpanel.html

Solar Roof Panel Systems

Solar Roof Panels can be installed either ‘in-roof’ or ‘on-roof’ depending on your specific requirements. In-Roof mounting systems get mounted under the roof tiles and block the contact of rain & snow to the solar collector on roofs with slope. The aesthetic look is maximized with UV-resistant, polyester coating. Flat roof mounting systems enable installation of units on flat surfaces. The multi-angle feature contributes to the optimal efficiency of the solar system. All mounting sets are also available for single and multiple-unit solar systems.  To learn more about solar roof panel sysytems please visit our website at: http://steelbuildinginsulation.com/solarroofpanels.html


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